COPE educates healthcare providers on how to safely treat and manage the care of people with chronic pain in order to improve patients’ lives and end the prescription opioid epidemic.

COPE offers a suite of proven CME programs that address the urgent need to improve treatment of patients with chronic pain and ensure safe opioid prescribing practices. Offered free through the University of Washington School of Medicine, COPE courses are designed for primary care doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and other healthcare specialists who treat patients with chronic pain and want to learn how to safely address opioid prescribing. 

The COPE Approach

COPE programs embody a collaborative approach that engages patients to improve functionality and life overall rather than focus solely on pain.  COPE equips providers with clinical knowledge and communication techniques, and offers tools to improve the treatment of chronic pain. Effective treatment may encompass a range of therapeutic options, including both opioid and non-opioid options.

COPE also provides the latest guidelines on safer opioid prescribing: how to start, switch or discontinue opioid therapies; what dangerous drug-drug interactions to avoid; and how to safely handle dosing among them.

Three Distinct Offerings

Choose the course that best suits your schedule and learning style, including the flagship, online COPE-REMS course.  Each course awards up to four CME AMA PRA credits. Find out more:

Three CME Training Options

Five Reasons to Take COPE CME


COPE envisions a world in which patients with chronic pain enjoy more fulfilling lives; providers and patients engage in more collaborative and effective communication; patients, families and providers are more satisfied with the outcomes of chronic pain treatment; and there are far fewer overdoses and deaths from opioid misuse.