COPE-REMS Training – Special Offer

After completing and receiving COPE-REMS CME credit, learners can participate in collegial interactive videoconferences. Consultations through this platform are available to all those who have completed the COPE-REMS online course.

About UW TelePain Case Conferences

The University of Washington Division of Pain Medicine offers weekly TelePain services, an audio and videoconference-based consultative knowledge network of interprofessional specialists with expertise in the management of challenging chronic pain problems. The goal is to increase the knowledge and skills of community practice providers who treat patients with chronic pain. These collegial interactive videoconferences include:

  • Didactic presentations from the UW Pain Medicine curriculum for primary care providers
  • Case presentations from community clinicians
  • Interactive consultations for providers with an interprofessional panel of specialists
  • The use of measurement based clinical instruments to assess treatment effectiveness and outcomes


  • Rural communities are disadvantaged by limited access to pain medicine specialists, and inadequate pain medicine training and support for community providers (2011 U.S. Institute of Medicine Report on Pain Care in America)
  • In Washington state, escalating prescription opioid use and abuse have emerged as major public health problems, resulting in more deaths related to opioid misuse than to traffic fatalities (2007), and a ten-fold increase in drug abuse treatment admissions for opioids.
  • Washington state’s 2012 opioid prescribing rules require pain specialty consultations for high-dose and high-risk patients.

Sessions take place each Wednesday from 12:00pm to 1:30pm.  Study participants also have the alternative option of joining UW TelePain on Thursdays from 7:00am to 8:30am. Upon completion of the COPE-REMS course, you will receive a complimentary invitation to attend a TelePain session.